About me
I believe …

“Authenticity”, a simple and humble word that sums up my conception of wine and life because, to me, both are so closely linked.
As sales manager at a winery in the Loire Valley for the last 6 years, I had the chance to live in the heart of a family that has made wine for four generations. Thanks to them, I realized that behind a wine and our sometimes subjective, personal appreciation there underlies a family tradition, the force of the experience, the expression of a single personality that makes each wine different with its quality and defaults. In the end, all this makes it unique…

I have kept this understanding first while building my selection; finding true winegrowers that make no concessions, with distinctive personalities that are reflected in their wine. Authentic people that make authentic wine in a sustainable way which reveal the identity of a soil, a grape and a climate- the notion of Terroir.”
How i entered the wine world

Freshly graduated from an International Trade high school with a specialization in Supply Chain Management, I met my mentor, the vigneron Frederic Mabileau, during a trip organized by the sommelier/oenologue program I was attending.
His interest in expanding the winery’s export markets matched perfectly with my professional goals and skills. For 6 years Frederic entrusted me with the entire communications and sells around the world. Here, I had the chance to fight for this tiny unknown appellation … a true learning experience.
In addition, I had the chance to assist Frederic during the key moments of the harvest and vinification periods. I shared the fears, the joys and the hopes of a winemaker, while meticulously paying attention to every detail so he could reveal his expression of wine.
Through this experience I developed my will to fight for the individual recognition of wines of character.

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